About Minntality

About Minntality

Hi, I’m Minntality…err… Taylor… both?

Minntality.com is a Minnesota based millennial lifestyle blog created by yours truely, Taylor Matysik. I created it because it has been a long-time desire to do so. I would say a long-time dream but I didn’t really dream this up as a website at first. I really wanted a place where I could explore my personal and professional passions and interests and share them with the world. Along the way I hope to cultivate an audience that can teach me new things and challenge me to dive deeper into my passions and interests.  In return I hope to share some great blog posts, entertaining videos, and maybe even make some new friends along the way.

It all started with a YouTube channel

Although the website is young the idea of Minntality is not. It actually started as a YouTube channel called Lucky Last Cast Adventures (or LLCA for short). That name came from my passion for fishing, which is still a core element that will be incorporated into the blog and the website as a whole. As I continued to record and edit videos I began to learn that as much as I LOVE fishing, it isn’t my only love. It occurred to me that if I was going to continue to do this and truly maintain a passionate ambition to build and create I would need incorporate all of my interests.  I think it is great there are bloggers who stick to one or two topics, but that’s not for me.  Life is wonderful in the way that it is so diverse, and I wanted to capture that beauty by embracing and evoking all of my interests. After I had that epiphany, I knew I needed to re-brand (re-name) the channel so it became Millenniality, a combination of millennial and mentality, mostly because my interests largely align with my generation and mentality because of my personality.

Not a one trick pony

It wasn’t until I began to build the site that I realized another re-brand/re-name was in order, this time more as a necessity. As anyone who has tried to claim a username or web domain or create a consistent brand across multiple platforms has probably found, claiming a single name across every channel is nearly impossible. This was when Minntality was born, a combination of Minnesota and mentality. If there is one thing I embrace more than anything else, it is my Minnesota roots.  I am incredibly proud to be a Minnesota native. Something about it just felt right… it also helped the domain was available and the username was not taken on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube (my favorite channels). For real though, it was like the stars aligned. Hence, Minntality.com was born.

Face of a saint, mouth of a salty sailor

As for me, I’ll try not to bore you all with a autobiography. Some quick hits about me are:

      • I was born and raised in St. Paul, MN in June of 1991
      • I graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship from the University of St. Thomas (go Tommies!)
      • I’m a HUGE Minnesota sports fan, especially of the Vikings and Wild #SKOL
      • I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist
      • I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN
      • I’m opinionated (go figure), that doesn’t mean you have to agree with me. In fact, I’m also very open minded and love a good debate.
      • I’m an avid user and regular abuser of MEMEs and GIFs.  I welcome #GIFBattle challenges on social, just be warned, I am a sensei master of the GIF.
      • I created this website so I don’t have to adhere to any rules (maybe aside from applicable federal and state… but that kind of goes without saying).  This will at times mean I post some NSFW stuff, nothing too crazy. I’m pretty unfiltered so if you’re sensitive type, consider yourself warned.
Pretty much everything else about me can be found in my blog posts.  Please do me a favor and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. If you like a post, share it with your friends.  If you don’t like a post, comment and tell me it sucked and for bonus points maybe tell me why it sucked. Deuces, enjoy Minntality.com!