10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Hole-in-the-Wall Bar

10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Hole-in-the-Wall Bar

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Bar

Tav on the Ave

West 7th Neighborhood – St. Paul

Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a stuffy, pretentious, “fancy pants” bar. Instead, maybe you’re in the mood for a stiff rail drink, cheap beers, and good no-frills bar food. Ah yes the infamous and timeless “hole in the wall” bar. While these kinds of bars are not difficult to find, it is rather difficult to find a good one. It really is a tough balance to strike, you go into it knowing you’re probably sacrificing a bit on the luxury front but you’re gaining value by means of getting a buzz on a budget. A surefire bet in the Twin Cities for a bar that will give you just that, without the feeling that you make get stabbed by a stranger while doing so is Tav on the Ave.

This was the first bar I ever drank at (it was even before I was 21), this was the first bar I got blackout drunk at, and this was the first bar where I had become a regular. If you’re looking for a bar that just knows how to be a bar, this is the place for you. They have a good number of TVs if you want to watch the game, the bar is big so you never feel like you’re rubbing elbows with the guy next to you, and they have all the great bar games you could ask for including pool tables, darts, golden tee, buck hunter, and skee ball.

You can get your beers by the bottle, the can, the tap, or my Tav on the Ave favorite, the pitcher. The food is pretty standard for bar food but they do it very well. I recommend the cowboy burger, the tater tots, and the nachos. I’ve also heard they have great wraps and wings. In the summertime, they open up the outdoor bar and patio and provides a little different vibe from the indoor bar. I think my favorite part about this bar is the people, you get a lot of locals, regulars, and rowdy crowds but the bouncers and bartenders usually keep everyone in check… usually, but hey, you’re not going there for the frills right?

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