How To Make Rice – The Journey VLOG Episode 2

How To Make Rice – The Journey VLOG Episode 2

Do you know how to make rice? In episode two of my new VLOG series “The Journey”, I show my friend Alex how to make rice. The Journey is the adventure I’ve embarked on to free myself of the mediocrity of the 9-5 lifestyle in pursuit of starting my own business. I hope you’ll join me along the way.

After fining out that Alex didn’t know how to (successfully) make rice, I detail the steps for him towards the end of my VLOG. I also discuss the indecision between investing in new equipment or waiting and saving for it.

How to make Rice – Skip to 18:23

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1. Legends – DJ Grumble (

Big thanks to Grumbs (DJ Grumble) for graciously sharing his great music with me to aid in my creations, I hope to get him back ten-fold. Help me out and go follow him on Soundcloud:

Filming/editing gear

1. Camera – GoPro Hero 5
2. Editing Software – Adobe Premiere Pro

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