10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Bar for Playoff Hockey

10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Bar for Playoff Hockey

Best Bar for Playoff Hockey

Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub

Downtown – St. Paul

Aside from our signature Minnesota nice, what is one thing that outsiders tend to know about us? We LOVE our hockey. I’m not just talking about the Minnesota Wild or the Gophers. No sir, we start them young, we’re practically born with skates on our feet. Don’t believe me? Take one step inside Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub and you’ll never doubt that fact again.

Tom Reid is a state of hockey legend, a retired player who played for the Minnesota North Stars (and the less than savory Chicago Blackhawks, and while his hockey career wasn’t of particularly high merit his broadcasting of the North Stars prior to their move to Dallas and his current commentating of the Minnesota Wild has made him a household name among hockey lovers across the state. Possibly the only thing that is a greater treat than listing to a Tom Reid playoff hockey broadcast is enjoying it at Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub in the heat of the playoffs.

While they have a great menu with classic bar staples and pretty good service, the best part about this place is the atmosphere. Yes they have a beer or liquor to quench your taste for poison and any bar food item you would expect and a good handful of items you probably wouldn’t expect, but being there during playoff hockey is enough to drive fans there by the droves to stand elbow to elbow with nothing more than a beer mug between you and the stranger next to you.

You’ll stand there eyes glued to the TV screen, ears keenly listening to the play-by-play eagerly awaiting one of Tom Reid’s enthused “HE SCORES!!!” outcries. When this happens the place explodes, the roof practically comes off, the bar is nothing short of electric. You get caught up in the moment, shit, you’ll probably hug the stranger next to you out of pure joy and ecstasy united in the common love that is Minnesota hockey. I can’t think of another place that will unite complete strangers in this way, and for that reason alone, consider this my hat tip to Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub.

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