10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Bar for an Amazing Burger

10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Bar for an Amazing Burger

Best Bar for an Amazing Burger

Red Cow

50th & France (Edina) – North Loop (Minneapolis) – Cathedral Hill (St. Paul)

Sometimes you just get that carnivorous craving for some really good bar food. This usually entails the likes of fries, tater tots, a couple cold beers, and almost always a burger. Burgers have kind of gone the way of pizzas. Like pizzas, you can find a burger just about anywhere now a-days and it is relatively easy to find a good burger or even an great burger but what is the last time that you got a burger that made you remember why burgers are the holy grail of bar foods? For me, it was Saturday, April 1st, the day I helped my girlfriend move into our new apartment and we went to Red Cow as a celebration. Now I don’t know about you but it takes a really good burger for me to remember the exact last time I had it. If you can’t recall the last burger that melted in your mouth, was perfectly cooked, and frankly put all other burgers you had in your recent past to shame, please, let me introduce you to Red Cow.

Now in contrast to The Monte Carlo, which has been around longer than sliced bread (literally), Red Cow was established in 2013 and has since taken the Twin Cites bar scene by storm. Red Cow asserted their dominance over the burger market by bringing sophisticated handcrafted burgers among other uniquely twisted tavern staples to the Twin Cities. They offer a range of handcrafted certified angus beef burgers ranging from the 60/40 burger, made of 60% beef 40% ground bacon, to my personal favorite french onion burger, featuring chive sour cream and home made potato chips. They also have this wonderful creation known as truffle fries, which take an already good cut of french fries and add truffle-Parmesan… honestly I don’t know entirely know what that is or what that means but I know it is delicious.

If you think that Red Cow is a one-trick pony, think again. Red Cow features a extensive list of beers categorized by taste, making it easy for a seasoned beer drinker to be adventurous or a casual drinker to find something to their liking. They also feature a well curated list of red and white wines and make a damn good mos-cow mule (no I did not misspell that). On top of everything listed they have surprisingly fair prices, meaning you can have a couple drinks and some great food with great company without breaking the bank. Looks like you just found your Friday night plans.

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