10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Bar After a Round of Golf

10 Best Bars in the Twin Cities – Best Bar After a Round of Golf

Best Bar After a Round of Golf

Tiffany’s Sports Lounge (AKA Tiff’s)

Highland Park – St. Paul

Anyone who went to UST (the University of St. Thomas) knows Tiff’s place as the infamous thirsty Thursday bar. My friends and I called this the “plan B bar” since it was a surefire place to pick up a lady to go home with if all else failed. This place left me with many great memories, as well as maybe a couple that were less than great, and probably a few memories lost to the bottle. For the longest time after I had graduated I refused to go here as I could only picture it the way it was on those Thursday nights in College, a dark, crazy, loud, undergrad packed bar, with pitchers of 3.2 beer free to pour yourself, body shots continuously being poured at the bar, and a packed bathroom hallway where I only remember the night where I stepped in the the back alley to vomit before relieving myself then promptly making out with a pretty St. Thomas lady before blacking out.

Finally one day after a round of golf a couple friends of mine persuaded me to go to Tiff’s for our ritual post-round drinks and I begrudgingly agreed. When I walked in it was almost surreal, I saw the side of the bar that I had never seen before. You could actually walk around, they have some standard bar video games (like buck hunter, and PGA golf), they had a good range of TVs playing all of the relevant games on at the time, the floor and bar were clean and tidy, and there were a few pretty faces behind the bar. It was almost like seeing a old friend from your past in their present day state, and in this case, this friend had cleaned up their act and cleaned up quite well.

Upon further investigation in subsequent visits, I found that they had a good list of beers that were a fitting follow-up to a hot round of golf. While at face value, their menu looks like standard bar food, the taste is exquisite. Yes, it’s still bar food, but you can tell these guys have got their art down to a science and I have yet to have a bad item off the menu. Lastly, there is always a cheery local crowd in there. The bartenders know most of the regulars by name, and a few of the non-regulars (like myself) for other unsavory reasons. None the less they still show you love, and you just can’t put a price on that.

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