The Nintendo Switch – First Impressions and Review

The Nintendo Switch – First Impressions and Review

A Minntality Tech Review of the Nintendo Switch

After having the Nintendo Switch for a few weeks, I mostly had one word to describe how I felt about it… WOW! While I still need to spend some quality time with it to fully discover my likes and dislikes I felt I had some good insights to share with you all who may still be on the fence about getting one. The video goes in detail but in summary here are my first impressions:


  • Amazing graphics from Nintendo
  • Intuitive controls, menu, and home screen layout
  • Ability to play on TV, Tabletop, or handheld (my personal favorite)
  • Big screen for handheld play, but not so big that it makes console “bulky”
  • Feels good in the hands, not too big, not too small
  • Game cards are small, big positive for mobility/travel
  • Joycon controllers are fun, big upgrade over the bulky Wiimote/Wii U controller/console
  • Charging port well designed, sleek, small, minimalistic and has wire management built in
  • Market disruptor, no other competition with similar console functionality
  • All in one playing format is amazing
  • Overall very fun, very engaging system to play. Different from anything else in the market.


  • Nintendo failed to estimate market demand, causing a shortage and ultimately forcing buyers to go to third-party non-retail sources to get console and often causing them to pay above retail price diluting the value
  • Nintendo chose to release the console with only one major game title (Zelda Breath of the Wild)
  • Kickstand feels weak/unreliable/flimsy, making tabletop gaming capability less desirable
  • Micro SD slot placement (behind kickstand) for expanded memory questionable
  • Joycon controller (for TV format gaming) is small in the hands, most will find upgrading to the Pro controller more desirable/conventional


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    1. Unfortunately not :-/, the Switch does have its own version of the store where you can go buy arcade-style games as well as digital downloads for full-scale games. You can also pre-order upcoming releases.

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